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hermit life

Do you know of any Hermits? How do hermits live, and would you like to meet Hermit from Hermit Island?

Hermits are known to be alone, yet this Hermit from our story has a new human friend on a hermits island world. She came to him from her shipwreck one bright morning, and now a Viking and a Hermit will have life together in her new land. There is much to learn and do to mend her ship, and she will learn to live with Hermit in a hermits world of challenges to survive.

Hermit has no memory of how he came to his island, but has lived there for many years. Those years are so long they become confusing. He has only a fragment here and there of his past in dreams, or when he rests in the evenings after a long day of work.

hermitsHere is a fragment of Hermit Life to read from Book 3 Shaku Riding

Hermit life at sunset…

Sometimes, Hermit retires to his comfortable main house clam shell, and stares across the rolling green hills to the stone path meeting his storage clam, sipping a cup of hot spiced fig.  It sits just in the distance over the meadows.  He needs that additional clam for his extra tools and supplies.

Hermit looks into the setting sun, and picks up the haze of potted flowers at the base of the step ladder over the hills.

Hermit squints his eyes, and shakes away color fuzz in his vision to see he is wrong…the step ladder is resting alone without any potted flowers.

Hermit life sometimes means Hermit can’t remember.  Did he once plant flowers, and place them in a pot next to the ladder?  It seems that he may have, but isn’t quite sure. Hermit’s memory is a fragment. He does remember flowers and a pot, but they are not there now.

It must be the sunset playing tricks on his eyes.

Often, there are things Hermit sees that are not there, but he is used to his Hermit life by now.

Hermit life on Hermit Island spans many years, and he is quite comfortable.  Maybe some day he will be able to explain his lack of memory or confusion, but he will not concern himself for now with life so complete.

Hermit needs to button up the clam house, bring in his step ladder, and get some rest.  There are crops to tend, fish to catch and wood to fetch tomorrow.

hermit~A Fragment of Hermit Life

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A Modern Hermit: Hermipedia


modern hermit

Hermit is a Modern Hermit.

Once Viking arrived on his Island world, Hermit knew he must provide some modern amenities and life for this new female presence.

After all, Hermit’s Man Cave Clam Cave is quite nice and modern for himself, but it caters to a man’s tastes, and even though Viking appears to be strong, athletic and adaptive, he knows that she will want some of the finer, modern surroundings most females prefer in life.

Hermit looks around at all of his tools and weapons in his clam shell, hanging so neatly organized, and placed just so, and chuckles at all of his work he can do so easily.

He decides he will craft a new modern life for her new world!

modern hermit

A Modern Hair Comb Carved of Tortoise-Shell for a Modern Life…

Hermit returns to his center table in his clam cave, and carefully shaves and shapes this beautiful, modern hair comb with his sharp knife. While carving, he thinks back to the first day they met on his Island world, and how she startled him from his sleep.

Here’s part of that story…


How Viking and Hermit Met…


Hermit awakes from a deep sleep to the sound of his shell bells.  Those bells only sound if someone or some thing nears.

Hermit feels a tingle in his belly.  Who or what can it be?  His memories of others is faint, and he can’t remember any faces…not even his own.

When he swam ashore all those years ago, he made it to the beach and collapsed with exhaustion.  He could feel the sunburn on his cheeks, and the sand between his fingers, but he couldn’t remember how he got there.

Every time he caught a fish, planted a seed or started a fire, he didn’t know how he knew such things.  And there were so many things he knew.  He could build anything, craft any tool, harvest any crop, and calculate the hours.

Hermit gathered seashells from his island beach, and punctured a small hole into each shell.  He strung a small rock through each, and hung them on the bushes of his pathway.

Something now approaches…

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Back to Hermit’s modern tortoise-shell carving…

In these new, modern times on Hermit Island with this new female leading the way on modern life…making Hermit feel young, and keeping an old Hermit company, Hermit wants Viking to feel as comfortable as possible, and prepared her clam shell with necessary modern updates.

Modern Updates for A New Life

First, he cleared out all of his extra tools and weapons hanging on the walls, except the long spear that she would possibly need during the night to defend herself from the roaming gitchoos, in case they somehow entered her clam shell.

For modern use, she needed some kind of table to keep her personal items, and since she lost everything but her sword and shield that the sea storm washed away, she needed a new, modern bag to carry things for her new life in this world with Hermit, and at least a comb to part and braid her hair in the mornings.

Making that modern bag from finely braided and vegetable dyed jute was a great lesson and task, and she was amazed and enthralled by Hermit’s skills to create such fine, modern work. She practiced the braiding method with him, and can’t wait for more projects like that for her new life.

It also matches her shield.

modern hermit

More Modern Updates

Hermit rubs and polishes Viking’s hair comb for the finished touch, and looks to the special compact sea shell he made for her to keep a few red berries, blended with aloe cream lip balm. She can keep it in her new modern bag, and it will be a surprise gift, he thinks.

Hermit smiles, thinking of how much she’ll like that, because he wants her to feel welcome and comfortable in her new world, just as he over the many years.

Viking Loves Her New Modern Gifts…

modern hermit

Life on the world of Hermit Island isn’t so bad.

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