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The Viking & The Hermit by LaDyLaDuke
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LaDyLaDukeAbout the Authors: Pen Name LaDyLaDuke... Courtney Gillard and Betina Powers are sisters, Owners and Designers of LaDy LaDuke...Unique Items For Mothers & Women, which they founded in 2009. Their maiden name is LaDuke. While growing up in a big family--sharing a room, and playing dress up, being imaginative was second nature. All of that creativity from childhood stuck with them as they ventured through life to eventually become business partners and co-authors. They invented The Feeder Frock Nursing Cover, and have a collection of handmade nursing covers, maternity clothes and nursery décor they sell on Etsy. Their handmade business got them into blogging, which ignited their passions in writing and becoming authors. They embrace both their artistic and business sides, and love to share what they know and learn with other Mompreneurs. Courtney's SEO & Business Consulting Services for fellow Entrepreneurs at SEO Brand Magic & Etsy Business Shop, and creating content and business information products for their Mom Blogger PLR Boutique, give them that perfect balance to design, fashion and writing and illustrating fiction for children. Courtney & Betina both studied at Arizona Universities receiving their Bachelor’s Degrees in Linguistics and Criminal Justice, respectively.
The Viking & the hermit came to me while teasing my husband about me being so tall and Viking, and him being so short. It just hit me that we had a couple of really interesting characters for some great story telling.~Courtney
Courtney told me her book idea, and I just loved it! My kids loved it too, and really enjoy collaborating on our story ideas and illustrations. We are creating a whole new world on Hermit Island, drawing from our own experiences and local Desert environment. We hope you enjoy our series as much as we are!~Betina
Very Cute! Definitely an enjoyable read for kids. The storyline is very entertaining and the illustrations are adorable. Can't wait to read more!
Simply Charming! I volunteer in a kindergarten class, and I'm always looking for books to read to the students. I found this storybook simply charming! The story and the characters are wonderful, and the illustrations are so colorful and appealing for a children's book! I look forward to reading it to the students and following the series.
The Viking & the hermit is a Children’s Book Series in Fiction… Get Books 1, 2 & 3: The Viking & the hermit: Spear Fishing with Sasha & Kasha The Viking & the hermit: The Grabbas Are Coming The Viking & the hermit: Shaku Riding on Amazon Kindle today! Google+

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The Viking & The Hermit by LaDyLaDuke
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