How to Lasso a Shaku Fish

how to lasso

It takes a rope, a knot, a tie and a lasso to lasso a Shaku Fish…

Hermit swings the lasso rope, with a tie and loop over his head.  He twirls his lasso rope like a spinning wheel in the air.

The mare is just across the meadow, chewing on grass, and she doesn’t hear Hermit approaching.

With his lasso rope spinning, he steps on a small tree branch, and it crunches out a sound.  He glances down at his foot in its sandal, and sees how large and young it appears.

“Wait…that’s not my foot.”

He thinks as he takes a quick breath, and opens his eyes.

Above is the shimmering coral ceiling of his clam house shell, instead of his lasso rope.

“Where am I?  Ahh…it is just a dream.” He says to himself.

He lifts up the bed covers, and swings his legs out, touching his feet to the ground.

“Now, those are my feet…old and small.”

He gets up, and stretches his arms while yawning.

Then plucks the lasso from the wall, and checks the tie knot.  The tie and knot are strong, and the braided jute rope is rough and sharp in his hand.

“I think I’d better practice my rope lasso throwing today.  You never know when I’ll need it.”


…Good thing he got to practice how to lasso thanks to his dream, because he will need it.  He’ll definitely need it.  


Here’s a bit of what happened from Book 3–The Viking & the hermit: Shaku Riding


First, meet Shaku…

how to lasso

How to Lasso a Shaku Fish…

A Lasso Trick

Hermit thinks he will slip his lasso rope over Shaku’s head as it shoots by the rock, but which side will that be?

He watches Shaku’s tail fin to clue him in. “Right, left, right, left, left…got him!”

how to lasso

Hermit breaks free, and Shaku runs the length of the rope to snap it. Hermit knows that rope and knot tie will not last long.

Find out what happens next! Read The Viking & the hermit: Shaku Riding.


More on How to Lasso:

Most people know a lariat as a lasso, but the word lasso actually refers to the act of throwing the looped end of a lariat rope.


Slip your rope through the small loop tie at the end of the lasso rope called the honda knot. Form a noose approximately one to two feet in diameter.

  • Hold the rope loop lightly in your right hand a foot or so from the honda knot. Coil the rest of the lasso rope in your left hand leaving 5 to 6 feet of kink-free rope between the noose and the coil.
    • Position yourself in front of a target…

    • Relax your wrist and slowly begin to swing the lasso rope over your head, right to left. Expert ropers suggest thinking of your wrist as an axle and the lasso rope loop as a wheel revolving horizontally over and around your head.

    • Cast the rope loop by swinging your arm quickly forward. As you move your arm forward bring your wrist down to shoulder level and extend your arm out. Be careful not to interfere with the motion of the lasso. Let your palm open and swing the rope toward the target.

    • Strive to send the noose on a straight, level course to your target by maintaining a smooth steady rhythm as you cast. Keep your arm and wrist straight and extended toward the target. The force you use to thrust the loop forward will also play a role in how far your lasso rope goes.

    • Pull the length of lasso rope coiled in you left hand to tighten the tie loop around your target.

How to Lasso & More on the Honda Knot Tie

Honda Knot Tie

This is the knot tie all cowboys use to form their lasso or lariat. The Honda Knot creates the most nearly-perfect circle of any knot. Its round shape, especially in a stiff rope tie, helps it slide freely along the rope…which is what makes it good for a lasso.

Do you think you could lasso this?…

how to lasso

How to Lasso a Shaku Fish

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  1. I always learn something fascinating when I visit this website! What a fascinating story and very handy tips on making a lasso, thanks!

  2. Kristl Story says:

    Reminds me of learning to lasso at a Texas dude ranch…and I never got the hang of it!

  3. LuAnn Braley says:

    I need to practice this for our puppies! (They’re not too fond of coming back inside after a run.)

    Oh, and given the look on the fish’s face, I think I better learn how to lasso fast!

  4. Courtney~Viking & Hermit says:

    Funny LuAnn. There are quite a number of ways a lasso would come in handy…running kids maybe;)

  5. You have a great gift! I love these pictures. I wish I could draw like that.

  6. Dominique Goh@Dominique's Desk says:

    Interesting story and cute graphics.. Intresting facts on lassoing.

  7. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families says:

    This is such a fun story. I love how you even took it a step further and wrote about how to lasso. Unless your living on a farm, most kids probably have no clue what lassoing is.

    • Courtney~Viking & Hermit says:

      Thanks Christy! It is fun to lasso, or to try at least. It’s been awhile, but you appreciate those cowboys so much more when you do. I’m glad I’m bringing the lasso back;)

  8. Roxi | Mr. Jacob's Mom says:

    My son was beside me while I was reading this post and he loooooves fish! He was shouting, “Fishy! Fishy!”. You have a new little reader here!

  9. Courtney~Viking & Hermit says:

    Awesome Roxi! I’m glad it didn’t scare him. Shaku is a little scary;)

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