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Today’s Hermipedia Feature: Man Cave-Clam Cave

What is a Man Cave?

A man cave is not an actual cave, but a metaphor for an area that is either inside a home or a separate storage shed or tool room deemed as a man’s sanctuary. The man cave is designated for a man to do as he pleases, and maintain his own free space or room.

Hermit’s man cave-clam cave on Hermit Island functions much the same as a man cave, in addition to providing a necessary home and shelter, as well as room and  protection from various Hermit Island wildlife.

Man Cave Storage:

In Hermit’s clam cave-man cave, and additional storage clam home over the hills, Hermit stores tools such as spears of various lengths and sizes, braided jute rope, horned shells, seashell hatchets, wooden carved wrenches, rock hammers and serrated rock saws.

Room and Home:

Hermit’s man cave-clam cave home also stores kitchen and cooking items such as bamboo carved utensils, rock plates, shell ladles, long handled grilling forks, wood carved cups, fire wood, shell shaped cooking bowls and pots, bamboo pitchers and serrated rock knives, that he has created and maintained over the years.

Hermit uses hooks and shelving in a room of the cave home to house all of his tools and necessary housewares of his man cave-clam caves.  He has a purposed medicine shelf for first aid, and room to store clothing, linens, rags and towels woven from cotton and jute.

The man cave-clam caves house sleeping cots and sitting, eating and resting room of bamboo constructed furniture. Each cave home is designed to seal and close shut at nightfall for safety and protection from gitchoos that roam Clam House Clearing after sunset.

Man Cave-Clam Cave Design:

Man cave-clam cave step ladders are pulled into the cave home, and stored at night, assuring denied access to their interiors from any outside animal.  The slippery and angled shape of the clam home base provides extra security for any type of climbing creature on Hermit Island.

Man cave-clam caves on Hermit Island make a  multi-functional and practical home as well as satisfying any hermit’s room or sanctuary needs. They can even be converted into a guest house for a female.
Courtney & Betina



  1. I know there are day when my hubby wished he had a Man cave clam =)

    • Pamela, too funny. My husband has a man cave in the house, plus a man fort in the garage. I can write extensively on this topic;)

  2. Pam @Mommacan says:

    Haha, I am waiting for the Chick Cave in a Clam.

    I mean a girl needs her space.


  3. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families says:

    My husband would love to have a bigger man cave. His man cave is currently his office. 😉

  4. DelSheree says:

    I love how much detail you put into every aspect of your book! I love the drawing 🙂

  5. Lexie Lane says:

    I love all the metaphors! Very cute! All very true man cave bits for sure!

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