Sea Urchin Uggies of Hermit Island Bay

sea urchinToday for Hermipedia, we’re covering Sea Urchins…

There in the water of Hermit Island Bay rest many sea urchins just waiting for something to come near.

These sea urchin uggies poke, strike or stab with their needle like spines, and they own the sandy floor bottom of the sea Bay.

Only the seahorses can make their way, touching down in just the right places of the sandy floor, and if you’re going to go spear fishing in the shallow sea waters, you’d better be on a seahorse like Sasha or Kasha.

Why do the sea urchin uggies like to stab, strike and sting so much?  It’s hard to say, but they do, and you’d better watch out!

sea urchin

Differences and Similarities of Sea Urchins and Uggies…

Urchins vs. Uggie Shape and Movement

A sea urchin got its name from the hedgehog, because it is round in shape, and has similar looking spines.  Our Hermit Island uggie urchins are not as round in shape, but have their own individual shapes like a plant or bush.

The typical urchins do not have a layer of muscle that allow them to move their body parts, but the uggies of Hermit Island do have this muscle layer, and they can move and strike with their spines at will.  They can also control the extension and direction of their urchin like striking spines.

Urchins and Uggie Spines

The spines of uggies can extend out to almost 12 inches, and you cannot determine an area of the uggie body that appears to be a short spine as in safe distance from your body.  Any size of uggie urchin spines can lengthen at will, and reach an object with close enough distance.

Large or small, each uggie urchin can be unpredictable, and the stab from one can be extremely painful.  If the urchin spines break off in your skin, they must be removed immediately.

Urchins and Uggie Faces

The normal sea urchins do have a mouth, but do not have eyes like our sea urchin uggies do.  The ability to see and move, makes uggie urchins more dangerous, and only the sensors in the tails of Hermit Island seahorses give an ability to navigate away from their striking spines.

Uggies like to make a certain face when they think they can strike, a bit like this…

sea urchin


Will Viking avoid a strike learning to spear fish?  You’ll have to find out!

Sea Urchin Uggies of Hermit Island Bay: Hermipedia

Courtney & Betina


Becoming a Hermit-Hermipedia

becoming a hermit

Becoming a Hermit-Hermipedia

How did Hermit become a hermit?

What are the reasons for becoming a hermit, and how does the time, life and home evolve for people who are hermits happen?

Becoming a hermit can be completely by accident, and with Hermit’s life and home on Hermit Island, we know in our story that his time there has been vast, and the reasons for exactly why he found himself alone to be a hermit are unknown to him from lack of memory.

Hermit’s reasons for becoming a hermit are not voluntary like others, but due to his state of predicament and keen survivalist instincts. The self-sufficiency he needs in his life and time on Hermit Island, where he found himself washed up to the beach as what seems now a life time ago, are his reality.

His home life displays the years of life and time accumulated and necessary to construct, build and grow the essentials for survival on his new home Island.

Hermit finds that although his time spent on his new home gave him new things to learn, they came quite naturally to him, and he concludes that he must have known how to do many things in his previous life that he can’t remember, before waking up on the beach, and becoming a hermit there over the years.

Hermit’s reasons for being a hermit might some day come back to him.

Each morning, he wakes from his dreams, and tries to hold that dream in his head before it melts, and he forgets.  Sometimes in his dreams, he fights with a sword and shield, and sometimes he just sits with other soldier men around the flames of a campfire.

Only glimpses stay with him like fire flies that shoot from a flame, dance in the air and disappear.

What he does know from his dreams and faint memories of people from a time ago, is that they looked to him for guidance, and he was confident and strong, just like he feels now with his handcrafted spear and braided jute rope.

becoming a hermit

What Are Some Common Reasons for Becoming a Hermit?

Some will call it a recluse, but one of the reasons could be someone who rejects consumer or commercial society, and removes himself.

Another of reasons might be religious or mystical, or similar to Hermit just practicing self-sufficiency and survival.

Some criminals become hermits, because they have to hide out, and away from the police or authorities, and others might have a psychological disorder from traumatic stress or personality traits.

Most of the famous hermits in history were born of religious reasons.

Our Hermit of The Viking and the hermit:

One day, Hermit will remember how and why he became a hermit, and made his permanent home to survive on Hermit Island.  Hermit will remember his life from before, and you shall too some day.

Becoming a Hermit-Hermipedia

Courtney & Betina


Man Cave-Clam Cave: Hermipedia

man cave

Today’s Hermipedia Feature: Man Cave-Clam Cave

What is a Man Cave?

A man cave is not an actual cave, but a metaphor for an area that is either inside a home or a separate storage shed or tool room deemed as a man’s sanctuary. The man cave is designated for a man to do as he pleases, and maintain his own free space or room.

Hermit’s man cave-clam cave on Hermit Island functions much the same as a man cave, in addition to providing a necessary home and shelter, as well as room and  protection from various Hermit Island wildlife.

Man Cave Storage:

In Hermit’s clam cave-man cave, and additional storage clam home over the hills, Hermit stores tools such as spears of various lengths and sizes, braided jute rope, horned shells, seashell hatchets, wooden carved wrenches, rock hammers and serrated rock saws.

Room and Home:

Hermit’s man cave-clam cave home also stores kitchen and cooking items such as bamboo carved utensils, rock plates, shell ladles, long handled grilling forks, wood carved cups, fire wood, shell shaped cooking bowls and pots, bamboo pitchers and serrated rock knives, that he has created and maintained over the years.

Hermit uses hooks and shelving in a room of the cave home to house all of his tools and necessary housewares of his man cave-clam caves.  He has a purposed medicine shelf for first aid, and room to store clothing, linens, rags and towels woven from cotton and jute.

The man cave-clam caves house sleeping cots and sitting, eating and resting room of bamboo constructed furniture. Each cave home is designed to seal and close shut at nightfall for safety and protection from gitchoos that roam Clam House Clearing after sunset.

Man Cave-Clam Cave Design:

Man cave-clam cave step ladders are pulled into the cave home, and stored at night, assuring denied access to their interiors from any outside animal.  The slippery and angled shape of the clam home base provides extra security for any type of climbing creature on Hermit Island.

Man cave-clam caves on Hermit Island make a  multi-functional and practical home as well as satisfying any hermit’s room or sanctuary needs. They can even be converted into a guest house for a female.
Courtney & Betina